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Since 1997, Andy Giles, Managing Director of Aximis, has acted as Expert Witness in matters relating to Human Resource issues within the IT industry and IT service organisations. During this time Mr Giles has been involved in a wide range of cases, for Plaintiff and Defendant. Mr Giles has experience of Court Work, preparing reports and giving evidence under cross-examination.

Instructions are accepted from Solicitors, Barristers and organisations that require the expert opinion of an independent IT Resource Solution expert.

The primary services and areas of experience that Mr. Giles is able to offer are:

  • Employment assessment, prospects and loss of earnings
  • Experienced in personal injury claims
  • Experience in pay, benefits and the labour market
  • Legal aspect report writing
  • Instructions from The Treasury Solicitor and Queens Bench
  • Clinical negligence
  • Vocational and occupational assessment
  • Employment consultancy
  • Personal injury cases
  • Industrial disputes
  • Familiar with court procedure and cross examination
  • Overseas experience
  • Opinion preparation and reporting
  • Giving evidence in court
  • Professional negligence
  • Crown instructions, both written and oral delivery
  • Industrial/Occupational accidents

Enquiries regarding Expert Witness consultancy can be made direct to:
Telephone : 01883 621160 or alternatively by email to : andy.giles@aximis.com

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